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14 March 2017
Features pigs

The pig is one of the most effective branches of animal husbandry. Pork, as such, is a complete food. It contains 60-62% water, rich in protein, minerals, B vitamins and fat is an important source of essential fatty acids.

Concerning pigs, they are characterized by multiple pregnancy, high rates of growth, precocity, high slaughter yield, excellent taste and nutritional qualities of meat.

Before pigs are bred mainly for their own needs, were fed a mixture of wheat or pea shucks, added a little wheat or barley dirty, soaked this mixture of boiling water and wait until cool before feeding added grated beets or zucchini.

But now the times have changed, are large pig farms, where professionally engaged in the maintenance and fattening of pigs and bring them to marketable condition.

In the modern industrial environment, a balanced diet of pigs, it eliminated a lot of green plants, introduced free feeding system (feed and water freely available for the animal) and slaughter them sent at the age of 5,5-6 months.

Calculated that a dry feeding feed two times more efficient than the traditional fattening mash and potatoes. Within six months fattening pig consumes about 400 kg of feed, and if feed potatoes, about 1200 kg, but the animal will not reach such indicators in weight.

The quality of feeding you can control the appearance and behaviour of the pigs. If, for example, animals swells the belly, but visible spine and ribs – the diet lacks protein. If you noticed that the piglet diarrea, but it is good eats too many carbohydrates, you need to exclude the beets, zucchini, and add wheat bran. It should be noted that excessive protein can cause loss of appetite.

The team of AGROTECHNIKA, LLC advises when to use dry feeding type of feeding complete feed, the trademark "Agrokorm" and a prerequisite is the presence of water.

Using an entire line of complete feed Prestarter, Starter, Grower and Finisher, you will receive a number of benefits:

  • pigs grow very fast;
  • there is no loss in quality of meat and fat;
  • ensuring all necessary elements, vitamins and amino acids;
  • in this feeding virtually no problems with digestion of the animal;
  • manure does not smell of ammonia;
  • food can be kept long.

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