14 March 2017
Crosses: Broiler 61, Hibro-6, Changing

Cross Broiler 61

Cross "Broiler 61" was obtained by crossing of the father - two representatives of the breed Cornish, and the mother - two representatives Plymouth Rock breed. This cross is characterized by high productivity at low cost to feed. 1 kg increase in use about 2 kg of feed. The average weight of birds at the age of 1.5 months - 1.7 kg. In addition, Broiler 61 different a good egg. Advantages - high offspring survival (98%), rapid weight gain feed at low cost, high quality meat. Disadvantage - five-week-old chicks to limit food because they are gaining weight rapidly, and the bones do not have time to grow stronger.

Cross Hibro-6

Cross Hibro-6 launched during the crossing of two representatives of the breed Cornish (paternal line) and two representatives of the breed White Plymouth Rock (maternal line). The average weight of birds at the age of 1.5 months - 1.5 kg, with a daily increase in body weight of 30-80 grams. Skin color yellow. Low productivity eggs 160 pieces. 400 days.

As a result, the resulting mass of 1.5 months in broiler is 1.5 kg. Increase in body weight in the new cross-country average (per day) was be about 30-80 grams. The crest in this breed as a leaf. High quality meat and eggs, intensive growth and high survival. Like chickens Broiler chickens 61 of the cross want to limit in the diet, by reducing the daily dose or high-calorie fed less feed.

Cross Change

The name comes from Plant breeding "Change", which was placed cross. Cross Changing popular. Was obtained by crossing  Broiler 61 and Hibro Broiler-6.

The average increase in body weight - 40 grams. Cross is characterized by middle-egg (about 140 eggs each weight ranges from 60 oz.). The benefits of cross are: great vitality young (97%), and higher meat and egg quality, besides poultry growing rapidly. Bird spreading this cross should know that the temperature of the room where live chickens should be 2-3 degrees higher than outside.


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