29 June 2016
The broiler chickens. Threat of the disease.

Today let's talk about a rather unpleasant and undesirable for each poultry farmer phenomenon – a disease of broiler chickens and what they need to do to avoid the mass extinction of the bird.

Given that broiler chickens are pretty low maintenance, compared to other birds, today more and more people are discovering the small farming or a mini poultry farm, because the cultivation of this bird, which is rapidly gaining live weight is a profitable business.

So, let's get to it. Diseases of broilers can reduce their performance, and to destroy part of the population (in the worst case scenario – all the bird dies). Therefore, any change in the behavior of Chicks is alarming every experienced birder.

Care of broiler chickens should always, however, for 1-5, 20-25 and 35-40 day they need to pay special attention, because in this period they are most prone to disease.

Distinguish between communicable and non-communicable (non-contagious) disease. Infectious diseases occur as a result of hit in the organism of chickens viruses, infections, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Basically, they affect various organs and cause serious diseases. Non-communicable diseases caused by pathological and genetic factors (congenital) and environmental factors (e.g., injuries, damage).

The major diseases of broiler chickens include: food poisoning and hypothermia chickens. Food poisoning arise from the fact that chickens fed the old and substandard food. Symptoms: liquid diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite. For treatment it is necessary to give the chickens a weak solution of potassium permanganate for two or three days instead of water. Hypothermia of Chicks occurs when they are under the direct influence of the wind and drafts. Symptoms: symptoms of rhinitis, fever, discolored discharge from the sinuses.

In infectious diseases in Chicks the temperature rises, closed eyes, diarrhea appears. Below are the most common and dangerous poultry diseases.

Coccidiosis. Generally affects chickens under 3 months. The initial symptom is loss of appetite, then there is lethargy and drowsiness. The bird sits with eyes closed and us Rosheim feathers. The area around the eyes acquires a blue tint. To prevent diseases you must constantly be washing and disinfection of the chicken coop, to monitor the cleanliness and dryness of bedding, and the most important is to provide complete and balanced nutrition through prepared feed that includes a substance for the prevention of this disease.

Aspergillosis in birds. This disease affects the respiratory tract. Symptoms: wheezing when breathing, lethargy, lack of appetite, apathy. For the last stage is characterized by paralysis of the respiratory tract. Manageable with great difficulty, as a rule, use the antibiotics by adding them to food. Broilers usually are infected with the disease through polluted air, dirty litter, not clean food. As prevention it is necessary to adhere to all sanitary norms and rules of feeding.

Chicken dysentery (poloron). Refers to diseases of the digestive tract. As a rule, it affects only young chickens, up to the age of 3 weeks. The causative agent is a virus which lives in contaminated feed grains. The main symptoms of the disease — disorders of the digestive system, the allocation of whitish mucous feces, which glues down and causes a blockage of the cloacal opening. Treatment consists of feeding the birds sugar.

Salmonellosis. One of the most dangerous diseases, not only for broilers but also for people, after all, is mainly transmitted through poultry meat that has not received adequate thermal processing. Is caused by a virus "Salmonella". Symptoms include weakness and loss of mobility. In the early stages of the disease practically does not manifest itself, and the last – to treat the bird too late.

There are cases when broiler chickens fall on their feet, they become lethargic and eventually may die. The reason for this weak skeleton, which might not withstand the body weight of the bird. Often, this happens when a program is incorrectly matched fattening.

If the chickens are broilers fall to his feet, then immediately put them on a strict diet. Only feed a special feed, let's take a lot of vitamins and calcium.

Health to you and your chickens!


Sincerely, the team of AGROTEHNIKA, LLC

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