13 May 2016

The genetic potential of growth in poultry and feed quality are the main factors that determine whether You will get the desired result.

Today we will focus on laying hens.

First you need to purchase chickens in a place that you trust. As a variant, poultry farm. If you do decide to buy on the market, pay attention to the appearance of the Chicks and the feathers must be dry, clean and fluffy, and also on litter, whether it impurities of the blood, which is a clear sign of coccidiosis.

So healthy and live chickens you purchased. You must place them in a cardboard box, with no more than 10 chickens per 1 sqm Litter – absorbing material: sawdust, straw etc. or the Temperature in the box should not be too high or too low, so that the chickens did not testudinis and not overheated! Normative indicator of weight at the age of 10 days — 281 G.

Now the most interesting – rational feeding to produce maximum results.

Feeding must be carefully considered from the very first days of life of Chicks is very important! Due to the thorough scientific approach of the team of AGROTEHNIKA, Ltd. to the efficient feeding, we were able to develop a full-predstatelnoy feed (middlings) for laying hens at the age of 1-7 days of life, which is enriched with all the essential nutrient that the chicken got stronger. To continue feeding the feed we offer: a Starter (1-8 week), Grower (9-20 week), Finisher (with 21 weeks until the completion nescot).

Using feed TM Agrokorm, you will achieve a high level of egg production. In particular the weight of the eggs at the initial stage of egg production of 40-50 g, and in the period of intensive eggs production is 55 to 65 g. Such performance we reached due to the correct balance of calcium and phosphorus, vitamins B, D3 and E. In the winter they need more feed than in summer.

Feed TM Agrokorm – the best selection of exceptional naturalness and European quality. On request, we can help You find the individual recipe, and will gladly consult regarding any matter. We know what need Your chickens!

Sincerely, the team of AGROTEHNIKA, Ltd.

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