10 March 2017
Organic poultry

European countries have long and successfully engaged in organic farming. Only when farmers started to work in this direction, the standards were not, every manufacturer had their own way for organic products.

The production of organic eggs in the EU began to take an increasing share of the market. For example, in Switzerland, organic eggs is about 20% of the market, and in Germany, France and Austria – more than 10%. Such large market shares indicate that Europeans prefer to eat healthy food. However, it is worth noting that the prices compared to regular homemade appropriate. In Germany, organic eggs are twice what is imported from 10 to 20% of organic eggs and poultry meat. It is worth noting that organic meat is a small market share, due to the very large profit producers.

In order for poultry products were considered organic, it must meet the following requirements:

  • the feed must be extremely certified and organic;
  • chickens must come from organic farming;
  • the bird should have plenty of space for movement;
  • chicken coops should always be clean and well groomed;
  • in any case, you cannot use antibiotics, growth stimulants and hormones.

Growing organic poultry means first of all creating a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for the birds. In fact, organic chicken and eggs are valued for the presence of vitamins A and E, and also in less amount of cholesterol and fat, compared to conventional chicken and eggs.

Sincerely, the team of AGROTECHNIKA, LLC

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