17 March 2017
Features tallow and meat breeds of pigs

Performance all pigs are divided into 3 types:

  • meat (bacon), is characterized by high productivity and good meat quality;
  • greasy – a thick layer of fat;
  • universal – the layer of fat and meat, high meat quality.

Pigs of meat type are characterized by elongated body (its length is much greater than the girth behind the shoulders), the front part is lighter in comparison with the massive rear. One characteristic is the high legs and uncool rib.

Meat breed of pigs should probably begin to gain weight after reaching 50-60 kg, because then they start to intensely feed bulk feed (beets, potatoes, melons and gourds) with a protein supplements to reduce fat prestayko. Pigs characterized by intensive development of muscle tissue and delayed fat deposition. After slaughter meat yield – 58-67%, fat – 21 to 32%.

At the preparatory stage, the basis of the diet should be green and succulent feed (30%). It can be the root crops, melons. Winter appropriate silage and grass meal. Proteins in each feed unit in this period should have about 115 gr. Further, the basis of the diet should be concentrated feed (85-90%). Often used mixed grain (wheat, barley, corn, oats). At the final stage of fattening pigs necessarily rule out the supplements as well as soy and millet.

Pig sebaceous type have a deep and wide body, heavy front part of the chest depth is large. Obviously, the fat stores on them is quite high, because it fits even between the muscle. Six months in piglets stop the growth of muscle fibers and accelerating the process of accumulation of adipose tissue. After slaughter yield of fat amounts to 40-45%, meat – less than 53%.

For fattening to fatty conditions selected pigs weighing about 100 kg. Their diet should be from foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates (corn, beets, potatoes). Also give concentrates.

In relation to breeds of pigs – they have the characteristic features of both the aforementioned species. At a young age pigs give pork a very high quality and the meat yield is more than fat. In addition, they gain weight quickly. Adult pig after slaughter gives meat 53-60% and 29-37% fat.

2.5-3 months daily ration of pigs breeds should consist of feed — 1.3 kg potatoes — 250 g lowfat milk – 1 kg, beetroot — 250 grams.

This technology allows the content to delicious pork meat with thin fat layers. The daily diet of the animals, age 3 months looks like the following:

  • skim milk and concentrates (barley required) – 1.5 kg;
  • green fodder 3 kg;
  • root vegetables – 2 kg;
  • salt — 20 gr.


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