16 May 2016
Feed wheat. What is its main purpose?

Do you think what is the most ancient culture on earth? WHEAT!

Archaeological excavations and literary evidence suggests that it was grown for 5-6 thousand years BC. Since ancient times it is cultivated in Transcaucasia, Turkmenistan, and we, in Ukraine.

Wheat has a large food value. There are many types, but the most important is its purpose.

Wheat forage (fodder) used as feed for agricultural animals and poultry, as well as for feed production. Wheat grain with an increased amount of pulp used for feeding horses and cattle, and varieties where less of pulp for feeding pigs and poultry. Wheat forage has a high energy value, therefore, is a valuable food product. In its composition contains useful trace elements, which positively affect the health and development of animals. Soft feed wheat variety allows you to use it to feed fussy animals and birds. A sufficient amount of protein increases the level of growth and development of the animal. Feed of feed wheat produced in the form of large granules, the larger the granule, the higher the grade of the grain.

Wheat food use in bakery and milling industry. That is, with this type of wheat make flour which has a higher gluten content. In Ukraine before the flour can be attributed to the wheat flour and wheat flour first grade.

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