1 June 2016
Breeding of quails! Open your own business!

Want to start your own business but do not have the necessary capital? Then we will help you.

Today we will talk about breeding quails and partridges. After all, in order to acquire quail do not need a lot of time and cost.

Perhaps each of us quail eggs are known for their unique healing properties. Moreover, the healing properties of quail eggs and meat known to man since ancient times. The Japanese at the time were taken from China party quails, intrigued by their unique qualities. After the tragedy of Hiroshima, the Japanese began to pay great attention to studying products that remove radionuclides from the body, and proved that these eggs are very helpful. And they contribute to the mental development of children. Unlike other birds, quail are not ill with salmonellosis. This suggests that quail eggs can be consumed in raw form, which means the body receives more nutrients which is always lost during heat treatment. Its dietary properties of quail meat is better than chicken, but also rabbit.

The positive aspect is that the market is not saturated "quail" business, and therefore you will not have many competitors.

And now, in fact, themselves about breeding quails and partridges. In comparison with other birds, they are undemanding and some special care is not required. It will need cage for parrots or Canaries. The only thing necessary for successful egg production – a adhering to a balanced, properly sized power supply and the temperature and light regime. The number of quail on Your farm, take your pick.

When transporting the eggs are damaged, so when transporting the "future farm" in the far distance, be prepared to lose about 50% of the eggs. If you buy a three-day quail chicks, there are fewer problems, but you have to bring chicks in already pre-prepared the room, ready with cages, drinking bowls and food. All because young birds are sensitive and somewhat demanding to nutrition. So the slightest violation could lead to a weakening of the entire population.

These newborns have a very low weight of about 6 g, and for 50 days of life weight about 200 g when using a complete feed, the trademark "Agrokorm" line "Universal", the recipe which worked diligently technologists of AGROTEHNIKA, LLC:

- Starter (small grains) – from the 1st to the 28th day of fattening;

- Grower (small grains) – from 29 th to 50 th day of fattening;

- Quail eggs bear(grains) – food for the birds-laying hens during egg production.

Due to the fact that our products are certified by the international company TÜV SÜD and fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005, don’t worry, because with our ready-made mixed fodder you get a guarantee not only of quality European products, but also of fruitful cooperation and consultations of the technologist to select the best individual formulation and feeding programs.

In respect of premises in which to hold the bird, it is worth noting that it should be well ventilated, but without drafts. The lighting should not be bright – it also negatively affects the "mood" of hens. Daylight should last for about 16 hours, but not less than 12 hours. Minimum temperature 16 С. Water in the drinkers quail should always be! What it must be changed 3-4 times a day – it is impossible to prevent stagnation. When a large herd of quails actual drinking system with running water. At the age of 1 month should separate the males from the females. Up to 2 months of age, the quail reach physical maturity and their further cultivation is not feasible. Before slaughter of birds stop feeding for 12 hours.

As you have seen, growing quails and quails (whether the production of meat or eggs) – it is not very troublesome, so I can confidently start their own business.

Quail farm feed, complete with trademark "Agrokorm" – long-term and reliable source of income!


Sincerely, the team of AGROTEHNIKA, LLC.

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