21 June 2016
The diversity of dairy cows

As it turns out, cows are interesting animals, besides at first glance it may seem that they are exclusively in black and white and red charms, however...

Cows are one of the few animals that can cry, as a man, and a cow and bull on the nose have a unique pattern (like fingerprints in humans). Moreover, they are observant, they are also well trained on the mistakes of the relatives. For example, if one representative of the herd will be electrocuted when she touches the fence, no one from her family to this place not even fit. Many of us believe that animals can produce only the sound of "Moo!", actually scientists have proven that this sound has 11 types of intonations. And yet, the bulls and cows absolutely do not distinguish colors. In bullfighting red cloth is used exclusively in order to attract the attention of the viewer and the animals are rife only what is in front of them waving some strange cloth. The UN has calculated that cows cause the Earth's environment more damage than cars or airplanes. The explanation is: they directly or indirectly relate to the allocation of 18% of all greenhouse gases in the world. Only cow manure and gases form a third of the greenhouse gas methane, which heats the Earth 20 times faster than carbon dioxide.

In the world there are about 300 breeds of cows. It should be noted that the representatives of the dairy and have a long body with a straight back, they have a small size head, a thin neck, which is well visible folds, oblique ribs, thin legs, than those which are grown for meat. The mammary glands have a bowl. On glands seen in them veins. The peak productivity of the cows occur during the first 6 years.

The main types of dairy cattle in Europe are: black, white, red steppe, holstein, yaroslavl, dutch.

Black motley has good black color on the surface are clearly visible white spots of different sizes. The cow has a long torso, long back, powerful legs, large Breasts. The amount of milk that can be obtained from cows of this type depends on the type of feeding and growth of the region.


Holstein. A home that ladybugs are the United States. The modern name of the breed was in 1983. Annual yield reaches the figure of 8,000 kg. they are characterized by a strong physique, deep-set chest, long wide, big spin. That ladybugs are black in color, the surface of which are visible white spots at the bottom of the body.


Yaroslavl. Coloring these black cows are black-and-white and red-white. Care is simple – feed consume little, annually produce up to 6000 kg of milk. Has a long torso but small legs. Front teats of the mammary glands located higher than the back.


Red steppe also requires minimal maintenance and is surprised maximum efficiency high quality products. Able to give a year 3000-4500 kg of product. The species is represented by many shades which range from light red to dark cherry color.


The Dutch cow is a purebred and stains less randomly located on the surface of the body. Have a small size torso, normal developed chest and good muscles in General. Grow to 133 cm at the withers. The average yield is 6000 kg.

For the maintenance of dairy cattle in a healthy condition and to make full use of their productive capacity necessary to provide the animals with sufficient amount of water and feed. After all, only the finished feed, which fully provide the animal with all necessary nutrients.

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