10 May 2016
TOP interesting facts about rape!


  1. The rape was known 4 thousand to G. B. E.
  2. Family rape in many studies is England and the Holland.
  3. Rapeseed is an important source of cheap vegetable oil and high-protein animal feed.
  4. Rape make honey! From one hectare of rapeseed get about 50 kg of honey.
  5. The rape is valuable because early release field, improves soil structure and its phytosanitary condition, reducing field infestation This increases the yield of subsequent crops, especially cereals.
  6. On the basis of rapeseed oil used to produce biodiesel (biofuel).
  7. Rapeseed is a valuable food for farm animals.
  8. Components which enter into the composition of rapeseed, used in soap, paint industries.
  9. Rapeseed is rich in protein!
  10. Rape in the wild are not known, because it was the result of crossing winter or spring colza cabbage garden.
  11. After harvest of oilseed rape updated exchange reaction in the soil due to the stubble that remained. It is believed that in intensive cultivation the soil receives 6-7 t/ha crop residue. This provides a positive balance of humus.

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