6 June 2016
The truth about pigs

Do you know why the treasury decided to do so in the form of pigs or hogs? A long time ago in England, all household utensils were made of special kind of clay called "pygg" (pig). In these vessels, the British kept all their money and called them "pygg jar". A little later the term changed and became known as "pig bank", and despite the fact that the words sound the same but are written differently, piggy banks began to do in the form of pigs.

In some peoples pig even considered a sacred animal. To it respected the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Germans. For example, in Egyptian mythology, the Queen of the sky, the goddess nut, depicted in the form of a pig. Similar look and a Scandinavian goddess of motherhood. And in Ancient Greece some of the myths generally say that suckled Zeus it is the pig. In Germany today there is a law saying that the owners of these animals need to be pampered and attention. In Ancient China domestic pig was considered a sacred animal that symbolizes prosperity. Pork is only allowed in the case of religious and state holidays. But this attitude is still observed not everywhere. The Qur'an considers the pig a dirty animal, forbidding Muslims to eat its meat.

You probably don't believe it, but pigs have a moderate appetite, because they eat all the feed in the amount of 4% by weight. It is an omnivorous animal: can eat both vegetables and meat. There are even cases when pigs eat their young! They have an excellent sense of smell, which is not enough in what concedes dog. Pigs can dig in the ground for hours, looking for something tasty. The French use pigs to search for gourmet truffles, which are at a depth of 10-40 cm.

Pigs are very intelligent animals among mammals in 5th place in terms of intelligence. They are even higher than dogs. And another interesting fact is that pigs have no sweat glands on the body, so she lying in the mud to stay cool. The dirt on the skin protects pigs from small insects and sunburn.

Little-known fact is that the gastric juice of the pig is the main component for the production of insulin, which treats diabetics. A pig squeal can reach 115 decibels, 3 decibels higher than the noise of a supersonic airliner.

Pigs can't swim will tell you! And we'll prove you wrong! They are excellent swimmers. In the history recorded a case when a pig crossed the Bay of the Azov sea, which reaches a width of 40 kilometers.

It turns out that the only animal that can tan, is like a man who is a pig. These creatures love to lie under the genial sun, soaking up the sun. The skin of pigs as a result tans.

And pigs are very playful beings who still show stubbornness, perfectionism and resourcefulness. Even if they don't have to get something, they will continue to do so until they reach the desired result.

Pigs quickly get used to a certain routine and don't like any derogation from it. A couple of minutes before feeding they are getting a little antsy and constantly looking in the direction in which they bring food.

It is obvious that pigs are smart animals, and not just a source of meat-fat products!


Sincerely, the team of AGROTEHNIKA, LLC.

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