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7 March 2017
Chicken coop for poultry

Chickens is first and foremost a bird, so care should be taken to minimum zagorod, and even better for their content to build a chicken coop. This can be done with his own hands and without significant financial costs.

The first is to choose a place where there will be future chicken coop. This place should be elevated to reduce the risk of flooding, to be dry and with a sufficient level of illumination. Entrance-exit for the hens to do with the South, to the sun's rays is well warmed up the room and the ground even in winter.

The area should be not less than 1 sq. m for 4 chickens, the ideal would be 1 chicken per 1 sq. m. The Best material for building are wooden boards.

In order to permanently disinfect the coop walls should be covered with a solution of lime. In order for the bird not to breathe vapors of ammonia should be equipped with good ventilation. The easiest way to make windows on the South or Eastern part of the house. A bird must be provided with a sufficient amount of light at any time of the year.

It is worth noting that the chickens like it when a lot of light, and in winter, short light day, you need to add artificial lighting. Therefore, an important question will be pre-deliberate supply to your chicken coop. The required number of light — 5 watt per 1 sq. m.

In order to protect chickens from rodents and birds of prey to build a chicken coop on the foundation and place for walking bird fence metal mesh, burying it in the ground at 25-30 cm.

If your intention is to keep chickens all year round, you should take care of that and winter the bird did not Preobrazovatel. You should build the platform, it will stop the cold air will not penetrate directly in the coop. Walls it is possible to arrange insulation materials. In addition, in practice the establishment of a safe heater or a powerful light bulbs that will create a comfortable temperature. In addition, it is necessary to arrange the wires and appliances outside the bird's reach.

The question of feeding is important, because the chickens dig in the ground, so the feeders and waterers should be located high enough to stay clean. You need to constantly ensure that sufficient and had food and water.

The chicken is more than half of its life on the roost where she should sleep. Sat represents the pole 5x6 cm the hens don't injured the feet, and the corners of the boards scroogled. The roosts installed horizontally, at a distance of 35 cm from each other, the height from the floor must be not less than 40 see the latest pole from the wall should be at a distance of 25 cm or more. Sometimes because of a lack of space, the pole is set on several levels. However, this would lead to one of the frequent conflicts between the chickens, because everyone wants to sit at the highest level. If space allows this is not done, it is necessary to avoid it.

The total length of all poles must match the number of chickens, each of them is about 25, see If you can raise hens in the coop should be of the nest, based on nest 1 – 5-6 chickens. The simplest option for home breeding of laying hens is the arrangement of the nest in the basket or plywood box. Optimal size: depth 40 cm, width 30 cm. At the bottom of the nest lining layer of straw or sawdust to nesuchtsi was comfortable and eggs are not broken.

The construction of a chicken coop – an interesting exercise, and using the above tips, you will build your poultry a chicken coop, where she will be warm and cozy.

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