• the plants are equipped with modern European lines;
  • the lines of production are fully automated, that allows to the minimum to erect interference of man with a production;
  • quality of raw material and prepared products is controlled on all stages of production the own accredited laboratory. On an enterprise the computer-integrated system of quality is inculcated in accordance with the standards  of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005;
  • all feeds are tested on their own animals and birds, and only after improvement of going on sale;
  • the presence of direct contracts with suppliers  is substantially represented on forming of prices for realization at the internal market of Ukraine;
  • the terms of collaboration with clients are formed on the basis of individual approach taking into account  average monthly volumes and terms of deliveries;
  • the permanent presence on the grain market enables the creation of strong commercial links with domestic and foreign partners;
  • in the process of production own raw material is used (oil, soybeens, oilcake);
  • predicting the situation in the agricultural sector and reacting swiftly to changes we make the most of own production closer to demand, thereby increasing its profitability.

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