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 Agrarians of Volyn are leaders in grain yield!

Agrarians of Volyn are leaders in grain yield!

The leaders in grain yield are agrarians from Volyn, who harvested 6% of the area with a yield of 60.5 quintals per hectare.

The highest barley yields are currently recorded in Lviv region (58.1 quintals per hectare) and Volyn (58 quintals per hectare), which is almost 39% higher than the average in Ukraine.

In total, 19.5 thousand hectares (50%) were threshed in Lviv region, of which 113.2 thousand tons of barley were harvested.

In the Volyn region, barley was harvested from an area of ​​7.4 thousand hectares (21%) and threshed 42.9 thousand tons.

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