Compound feeds AGROKORM™

Elevator services

The enterprise’s elevator capacity allows storing about 75,000 tons of grain and oilseeds.

Productive capacity

           2 800

drying, tons of grain per day

            2 800

cleaning, tons of grain per day

           6 000

shipment by railway, tons per day

         100 000

storage of grain, oilseeds, tons

The Agrotechnika grain elevator facility includes 3 elevator complexes with a total simultaneous storage capacity of more than 100 000 tons of grain, which covers the needs of agricultural producers in Volyn, Lviv and Rivne regions.


Modern drying and cleaning complexes allow us to dry from 1,500 to 2,800 tons of grain per day depending on the product, cleaning up to 2,800 tons of grain per day.


All elevators meet the modern standards and requirements and are a combination of modern technology, professionalism of specialists and well-coordinated teamwork.


Particularly, the grain elevator in Charukiv village, Lutsk region, realizes the route shipment of grain by railway cars.


The enterprise keeps up to date, it improves, automates all production processes. To facilitate control and efficiency of information at grain elevators introduced a system of promptly inform the owners of the grain on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of each vehicle, as well as the waiting time in the queue.


Quality service for you is our priority!



Hlubitsky Andriy