AGROTEHNIKA, LLC focuses on the use of their own vehicles and logistics system to make all kinds of road transport associated with the operations of the company.

However, the motor sector of AGROTEHNIKA, LLC provides transportation services for farmers and agricultural companies.

Cargo vehicle fleet of the company includes:

- 6 mixed fodder carriersfor rapid transportation of 16 - 24 tons of products and raw materials;

- ​14 grain carriers load capacity 25 - 35 tons for transportation of grains and oilseeds, and mixed fodder and raw materials packaged on pallets;

- 1 cargo van carrying capacity of 3 tons;

- 1  tanker carrying capacity of 24 tons for transportation of oil.


By 2019 the transport department provided the transportation of:

  • Grain carriers - 12 500 tons of products;
  • ​Mixed fodder carriers - 64 500 tons.

AGROTEHNIKA, LLC is interested in establishing permanent cooperation with transport and forwarding companies providing cargo delivery to any destination point in Ukraine and abroad, as the company often needs to attract additional cars for transportation in the above areas.

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