Compound feeds AGROKORM™

 Raising ducks and geese is easy!

Raising ducks and geese is easy!

Waterfowl – was domesticated by man one of the first. For a long time it took second place in obtaining food from poultry.
Domestic ducks and geese are considered to be one of the most profitable to keep on the farm!

After all, when the minimum conditions are kept, ducks and geese give fast gains in a short time without losing the value of meat.
You will say that ponds are needed for the successful keeping of geese and ducks. Yes, in their presence it is easier to be engaged in waterfowl, but there is always a way out!

✅ Choose a breed of goose or duck (Mulard, Blagovarska, Medeo, Agidel, Star 53, Blue Favorite, etc.), these breeds tolerate the lack of water more easily.

✅ Choose complete feed  “Agrokorm” for fattening ducks and geese, which are developed by experienced technologists, taking into account all the features of the body of these birds.

It is easy to breed geese and ducks with feed of Agrokorm!