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 Experts named the most marginal crops of 2023

Experts named the most marginal crops of 2023

In the next season, the most popular crops will be 👇
🌾 wheat
Market experts are inclined to this opinion. They told about it.

📌”Rapeseed ☘️ – culture is quite complex. Not everyone can and knows how to grow it. Not everywhere there are conditions that allow it to be grown. It has a high margin, the market did not change during the war, the EU remained the same. Rape is the first money in the economy. That’s why rape!” experts say.

📌In addition to rapeseed, according to experts, sunflower 🌻 and high-quality wheat 🌾 will also be marginal. Although everything is not so simple with wheat – this crop requires more investment. But the wheat market always has liquidity, so the situation with prices and demand on it is more or less predictable and stable.

📌Also, experts add that by summer, trade in the oil group — sunflower and soybeans — will be successful. Soy is also bought with pleasure in Europe. According to experts, the oil group both now and in the new season is and will be the most profitable for both producers and traders.