Compound feeds AGROKORM™

 Agrotechnika LLC. feeds are ideal for poultry fattening!

Agrotechnika LLC. feeds are ideal for poultry fattening!

Did you know that the world’s consumption of poultry meat has been growing for several years in a row?

Among the most important reasons for this trend are the low cost of this type of meat and low fat content, which makes chicken popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Poultry meat consumption is also increasing in Ukraine.
If we talk about per capita consumption, the average Ukrainian eats 45 kilograms of meat a year, of which 25 kilograms is poultry. However, this is much less than in the world leaders in the consumption of this type of meat. Thus, in Malaysia, the average annual consumption is 63 kilograms per person, in the United States – 58 kilograms, and in Brazil – 57.

Of all poultry, chicken contains the largest amount of useful protein, amino acids that are important to humans. Chicken meat is low in calories and easy to digest and at the same time very nutritious.

In order for the bird to receive all the necessary and useful substances during fattening, it should be fed special food.
Our feeds are best suited for this, because they are balanced and complete.

Agrotekhnika LLC is a reliable producer and supplier of complete feed!