Compound feeds AGROKORM™

 Raising pigs is a very profitable business!

Raising pigs is a very profitable business!

Raising pigs for meat is a good investment. Because pork is a product in demand on the market. It is part of smoked lard, sausages, it is used in the preparation of first and second courses, therefore, raising pigs at home as a business is very profitable!

Pigs are animals that do not require complex care. With the right breed, you can raise animals in a small area to get a lot of meat and fat.

It is also important that the breeding of pigs is available even to people without much experience. Therefore, domestic pig farms are becoming increasingly popular.
It is possible to fatten piglets for meat at home with both self-prepared mixes and professional feeds.

But for a pig to grow quickly and be healthy, its diet must be balanced in all quality indicators. This feed is produced by Agrotechnika LLC.

The benefits of such feeds have already been appreciated by our customers.