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 The main differences between a rabbit and a hare

The main differences between a rabbit and a hare

How is a hare different from a rabbit?

Not everyone can answer this question. The fact is that these cute furry animals are very similar to each other and it is not always possible to accurately determine where one and where the other.

The main differences of the king-hare:

1. The size of the ears and paws are larger in hares.

2. Hares do not dig burrows, but live on the surface of the earth. Rabbits, on the other hand, like to hide in tunnels dug with their paws.

3. Hares reach 7 kg, and rabbits – 10. The average weight of a squirrel hare 3-5.5 kg, rusak – 4-7 kg, domestic rabbit – up to 10 kg, wild – 1.6-2.5 kg .

4. Hares prefer to live as hermits, and rabbits live in packs.

5. Hares always run away when faced with danger, and rabbits often just freeze in place.

6. Rabbits do not change the color of fur, hares – change color depending on the season. In the snowy season they are white, and the rest of the time – gray.

7. Hares have 24 pairs of chromosomes, rabbits – 22. For this reason, they do not interbreed, because there will be no offspring from such “marriages”.

8. Bunnies are immediately ready to survive in this world, they have hair, hearing and vision, as well as the ability to digest adult food for 5 days after birth.

Rabbits need maternal care 25 days after birth. They have no hair, no sight, no hearing. They eat and digest only breast milk for the first 4 weeks of life.


Who is bigger: a rabbit or a hare?

Before answering the question, a number of points should be considered:

• larger than the weight of domestic rabbits

• on height of paws – hares are in the lead


Who runs faster: a hare or a rabbit?

The hare runs faster. His paws are longer than those of a rabbit, which is important for fast running.

The hare develops a speed of up to 70 km / h, while its counterpart – up to 25 km / h.