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 People say, “Drunk like a pig.” Or how much do pigs drink?

People say, “Drunk like a pig.” Or how much do pigs drink?

This topic is very important and interesting.

Approximately 85% of the weight of a newborn piglet and 55% of a fattening pig is water (the difference is that it is much lower in fat than in muscle tissue).

To meet the body’s needs, animals “draw” from three main sources: watering, feed, and metabolism.

The researchers found that pigs needed 2.2 to 2.8 times more water than feed. For example, if an animal eats 2 kg of food, it needs at least 4.5 liters of water per day. Lactating sows need the most water – an average of 15 liters per day.

There is not enough quality water for efficient pig breeding, it must be used wisely. Here are some tips:
Use drinkers that minimize water consumption.
– Make sure that the drinkers are set at the optimal height, ie 10-15 cm above the line of the pig’s spine and make sure that the water pressure is properly adjusted (2.5 l / minute);
– Control the temperature and humidity in the premises.
– Feed the pigs properly composed diets, because otherwise it can lead not only to poor health of the animal, but also additional water costs.

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