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 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

❤️ Each country interprets the history of Valentine’s Day differently. We have prepared for you a list of interesting facts about the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day in different parts of the world.

❤️ Valentine’s Day in Europe began to be widely celebrated around the 13th century, and this holiday came to Ukraine only in the mid-90s of the last century.
No one knows who St. Valentine really was, not even the church itself. But the most common legend says that Valentine was a priest who lived during the Roman Empire in the 3rd century AD. In 496 AD. Pope Gelasius I first proclaimed February 14 as Valentine’s Day.
Fact #1❤️
In Holland, on this day, a woman can propose to a man she likes. If the man refuses, he must give her a silk dress. And in Canada, a man can face a fine or imprisonment for refusing a woman.
Fact #2❤️
The author of the first Valentine’s Day is the French Duke Charles of Orleans, who was in prison in 1415, in solitary confinement. It was there that he decided to fight boredom by writing love letters to his wife. And to this day, everyone can see it for themselves – the note is kept in the British Museum.
Fact #3❤️
The symbol of Valentine’s Day is red roses. According to the legend, the goddess of love Aphrodite, hurrying to her beloved, stood on a bush of white roses, injured her leg and her divine blood painted them red. Since then, red roses have been a symbol of love and passion. In Taiwan, 36 roses signify the recognition of true love.

Fact #4❤️
Every year, the profit from the sale of chocolate and sweets on Valentine’s Day worldwide is more than a hundred million dollars. And in Italy, this holiday is called a sweet day, so Italians give each other sweets and cakes decorated with doves and hearts.
Fact #5❤️
On February 14, in England, people give gifts and love messages not only to their loved ones, but also to their pets – dogs, cats, and even horses.
Fact #6❤️
In Finland, February 14 is celebrated as Friend’s Day, so on this day, the country’s residents congratulate not only their loved ones but also their best friends. In Germany, February 14 is the Day of Mental Health.

Fact #7❤️
This day marks International Book Giving Day and Computer Day, as well as the founding of YouTube – the service was founded on February 14, 2005 by three employees of the American company PayPal: Chad Gurley, Stephen Chen and Javed Karim.
Fact #8❤️
Men and children in Austria do not receive gifts on this day, all attention is directed only to women. Austrians present their loved ones with chocolates, flowers and jewelry. But in Japan, women traditionally give men gifts as a sign of gratitude and love.

Congratulations on Valentine’s Day!
We wish you only true, beautiful and mutual love. ❤️