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 Interesting facts about pigs

Interesting facts about pigs

Many people consider pigs to be dirty and untidy animals, but this is not the case…
Here are some interesting facts about these animals that will change your mind.

Our saviors. The genetic code of pigs and humans is very similar. The well-known insulin is successfully synthesized from the gastric secretion of pigs. And pig stem cells are used to treat many human diseases.

Record holders. Despite being full, pigs can develop a decent speed, especially if something scares them. They have a great sense of smell. Pigs can perfectly distinguish odors. Pigs living near the coast can dive to a depth of 5-7 meters.

Magic heavens. The “muscular apparatus” of pigs is arranged so that they do not have an occipital ligament, due to which the ability to lift the head up is carried out. Therefore, pigs see the beauty of the sky only lying down.

Singers. Everyone knows that pigs are “talkative”. They have in their arsenal many sounds: grunting, snorting, growling and others. In communication with relatives, animals use different intonations, just like humans. The pig is able to scream 3 decibels above the sound of a supersonic airliner.

Music lovers. Pigs love music and are real music lovers.

The title of “sloppy”. Mud baths help pigs fight insects. But after a cat and a dog, a pig is the most decent pet.
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